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2017-03-09    Publisher:系统管理员8030



 JMD manufactory modified the manufacturing process; raw material quality from suppliers will directly affect product’s quality, and lead to product recalls.

 Huawei produce a series of products approaching fifty million every year, and annual production to two digital growths.

 Through the whole production process data monitoring, data received each year reached more than 30 billion.

 Need big data analysis to research product potential problems and quality problems, however, currently lacks of effective solutions.



JDM manufacturing quality for big data analysis platform

Massive data analysis for distributed file storage engine

Big data preprocessing ETL engine

Stream data processing engine and memory

Product quality warning model base

Issue tracking and closed loop engine

Provides hours of class-based early warning capabilities of Big Data base on JDM products

Constructed field data analysis, algorithm modeling knowledge, reduces duplication of investment, rapid prototyping, rapid deployment;

Supports user permissions and role management, send early warning information and issue tracking closed-loop

Establish dynamic correction continued iteration and rapid retrieval of self-learning loop system


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