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2017-03-09    Publisher:系统管理员14860



Automated data acquisition devices are widely used in smart grid

Massive intelligent power consumption data contains a wealth of potential value

User’s behavior analysis and prediction

Abnormal behavior and fraudulent electricity power users

Relationship between economic operation status and power user’s behavior

Massive data analysis for the presence of intelligent electricity

Data noises preprocessing

Multi-source data fusion

Big data analysis model and big data modeling method for the power industry

Efficient data processing platform



Development of big data analysis based on grid workflow system

Choose different dimensions of customer’s data to classify customer segmentation

Day, Week and Month consumption pattern

User’s background

Users Geographic Information

User’s Power Equipment Information

Through customer segmentation, access to the user different power modes

Working double shifts, three shifts, four shifts system

Shift holiday weekend

Nighttime peak

Comparison between electricity industry models
Consumption pattern of different industries in different regions

Holidays and consumption pattern trend forecast


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