教授 / professors

  • Prof. Zhexue Huang

    Research direction: Academic Contribution: A series of data mining clustering algorithm inventor, such as: k-modes,fuzzy k-modes、 k-prototypes、w-k-means and other clustering algorithms, widely applied in lots of area, those achievement also has been included in textbooks and monographs abroad and has been introduced into software products. He led developed the open-source data mining system AlphaMiner which has been widely applied by lots of foreign university and organizations.

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  • Prof. Xizhao Wang

    Research direction: Machine learning、 fuzzy measures and fuzzy integrals, Computational Intelligence and uncertainty mod

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  • Prof. Zhong Ming

    Research direction: Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Middleware Technology

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  • Prof. Heping He

    Research direction: Data Science

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  • Prof. Xxianhua Fu

    Research direction: Data Mining and Machine Learning: text mining, natural language processing, probabilistic graph modeling, deep learning, social media analysis, information retrieval, and data analysis of the Internet of Things.

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