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Yahui Lu is currently an Associate Professor with the College of Computer Science and Software Engineering, Shenzhen University, China. He received his Ph.D degree from the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University in 2008.

Education experience

work experience

  • 2012-Present:  Associate Professor, Shenzhen University

  • 2008- 2011:  Lecturer, Shenzhen  University

  • 2003-2008:  Ph. D Candidate.
    Thesis: Research on  Access Control Model and Security Analysis in Workflow  Systems

  • 2000-2003:  Master Candidate
    Thesis: A Research on  WebGIS System Based on Web Service

Research direction

Process Calculus andPetri Net Workflow and Business Process Internet of Things Game Theory



Journal  Papers:

1.     Zhinian  Zhai; Jianqing Xi; Yahui Lu; Deyou Tang; Yubin Guo; Kai Wei. Association  Inheritance Mechanism in Active Authorization Management. Journal of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Vol 46, Issue 4, 2012, pp:  24-31.  (in  Chinese)

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Conference Papers & Book  Chapters:

17.Zhong  MingLijuan  Tang, Yahui Lu, Li Zhang. A bisimilarity metric for processes based on  game semantics. ICMV 2011. (EI:20120914805505)

18.Wenjie  Sha, Li Zhang, Yue Bem, Yahui Lu. Compliance verification using a joint  model of open workflow net and global calculus. ICCT 2010.(EI:  20111713939304)

19.Wenjie  Sha,  Li Zhang, and Yahui Lu.  Deadlock-free Solution in Collaborative Workflow Environment. In  Proceedings of  the 2009 Fifth International Conference on Next Generation Web Services  Practices  (NWESP '09)

20.Yahui  Lu,  Li Zhang. Types for Workflow Access Control in Web Service Context. First  International Conference on Cloud  Computing, (CLOUD 2009), Los  Angeles, CA,USA, July 6-10, 2009   (EI 20095312601423)

21.Yahui  Lu,  Li Zhang. Domain Administration of Task-role Based Access Control for Process  Collaboration Environments. Fifth  International Conference on Information Assurance and Security (IAS2009),  Xi'an,ChinaAugust 18-20, 2009,  (EI 20100312642519)

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24.Yahui  Lu,  Li Zhang, Yinbo Liu, Jiaguang Sun. Using pi-calculus to formalize domain  administration of RBAC. Proceedings  of the second  International Conference on Information Security Practice and  Experience,  Hangzhou,China, 2006,  pp:278-289

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