Big Data Institute recruits International students studying for a doctorate, which do academic research about big data technology and implemented a comprehensive quality test based on  "application - assessment system." Specification as follows:

1. Enrollment quota

Plan to recruitment three to five doctors per year.


2. Type and Duration of the Programs

A.  Type of the programs: full-time

B.  Duration of the programs: Four years. International students with the bachelor degree are able to apply PhD directly, period of 5 years.

3. General Qualifications for Admission

A. Applicants must be citizens with a valid foreign passport (whose nationalities are not People’s Republic of China). He / She should be in good health conditions and of good conduct. He / She should also abide by the Chinese laws, regulations and the rules of the university.

B. Applicants must hold the computer-related professional master’s degrees, bachelor degree can also apply to PhD directly.

C. Priority given to who published international high-level academic papers at the last three years

4. Application Materials

A. Resume ( Education, Work experience, Research background, Papers, Awards).

B. Passport, diploma and degree certificate.

C. Official transcripts of graduate school.

D. Certificates of award

E. Please sent your material to e-mail, after the preliminary , we will arrange for an interview.

5. Contact Information

Please mail application materials to: Sixth floor of College of Computer Science & Software Engineering, South School of Shenzhen University, Nanshan Area, Shenzhen,Guangdong Province.

Postal Code: 518060

Contact Person:Ms Lin




Doctoral tutor

Research project

0755-2653 0821